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  1. Psychological literacy and psychologically literate citizenship.pdf

    study. Psychological literacy entails the desire and capability to become a lifelong learner; skills in ... employability: ... behaviour in the work place. Even during their studies, Psychology students can use attribution theory to application/pdf attached to:An introductory guide to psychological literacy and psychologically literate citizenship

  2. Psychology Applied Learning Scenarios (PALS): A practical introduction to problem-based learning using vignettes for psychology lecturers

    Applied Learning Scenarios (PALS) are easy to use, adaptable and can promote effective learning either in ... across the world may sometimes appear a little daunting to those of us who teach psychology and would ... resource to help that process. It is not making any great claims to be innovative or original. Instead, it ...

  3. Psychiatry teaching resource

    This case study looks at a learning resourcewhich consists of a website that is aimed at providing ... psychiatry teaching materials to undergraduate medical students (MBBS) at Newcastle University. ...

  4. Psychology education for psychological literacy

    education community, in the UK and globally.  Here you will find resources designed to help Psychology ... curriculum that lend themselves to developing psychological literacy in your students.  It also signposts ... a comprehensive list of resources and references to facilitate further study on the topic.   Developing the ...

  5. core-curriculum-for-psychology-undergrad-medical-education.pdf

    illness in people, needs to understand the psychological and social factors that influence the health ... that psychology in particular canmake to understanding of patients as people and how this impacts on ... students have been taught in psychology and contradict the learning studentsmay have been exposed to. 7.10 application/pdf attached to:A core curriculum for psychology undergraduate medical education


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