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    methods to enable most students to learn effectively. Session 5.7: Breaking STEM barriers, a researchers ... the limitations in the curriculum was why more kids were not going into STEM. I decided then and there ... that I was going to get more kids involved and excited about STEM. As someone who was still working on ...

  2. STEM conference: session four abstracts

    engaging pedagogy to develop entrepreneurial creativity of STEM students: reflections from the Ideate ... project Interdisciplinary Mrs Lesley Drumm, Staffordshire University The session aims to enthuse STEM ... other challenges. Session 4.4: What skills, attributes and personal development do STEM students enhance ...

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    doing it, and doing it on one's own, corrected by those more proficient? Back to the conference ... 10.5: Rethinking pedagogies for programming: Computational thinking, codemanship and (software) ... carpentry Computing Dr Tom Crick, Prof James Davenport and Dr Alan Hayes, HEI In rethinking how we teach ...

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    offered and the issues encountered in relation to assessment practices in the STEM subjects MSOR Dr ... will specifically focus on some STEM subject disciplines that use grades to assess student work. The ... fail to develop the necessary soft skills. In addition, the software packages that are used in the STEM ...

  5. STEM conference: session one abstracts

    in STEM subjects and employability skills can be minimised by enabling the students to solve ... – enhancing porosity between industry and academia to enhance student engagement on STEM courses General Mr ... a Programme Leader for two STEM courses: BSc Sound Engineering & Production and BSc Music Technology. Data ...


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