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  1. Development of a "Basic Training" course for students travelling abroad

    Academy funded a number of TDG projects on the theme of internationalisation of learning and teaching in ... four rounds of funding. Round 1 – Individual Round 2 – Departmental Round 3 – Individual Round 4-- ...

  2. Travel%20Guide%20for%20Students%20and%20Staff%20Unbranded.pdf

    Travel%20Guide%20for%20Students%20and%20Staff%20Unbranded.pdf Travel Guide 1 Travel guide Helping ... you to prepare for your travel abroad 2 Pre-trip checklist 3 Useful websites and currency 4 Important ... things to consider 5 Pre travel research 7 Different cultures 11 Case studies 12 Support from past application/pdf attached to:Development of a "Basic Training" course for students travelling abroad

  3. 21_E_Fund_2011_Wales_DonFearnley_ABER.pdf

    21_E_Fund_2011_Wales_DonFearnley_ABER.pdf 10. Briefing Paper Template Briefing Paper Page 1 of 30 ... Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund, Wales Understanding the potential new roles for mobile computer ... travelling, but additionally enhanced student Briefing Paper Page 11 of 30 observations, and encourage application/pdf attached to:Understanding the potential new roles for mobile computer technologies for teaching Geography fieldwork: using GIS and social networking to enhance learning opportunities

  4. Enhancing the international learning experience: The Chinese cultural experience: A case study with Year 3 British students travelling to Zhejiang Gongshang University, China

    This case study describes the experiences of a group of British students and staff on a visit to a university in China. The study visit reflects on the learning undertaken when teaching English to Chinese students and the cultural experience of studying i ...

  5. Call for applications: Curriculum Innovation Travel Grants

    Vol 11, Issue 3 Saturday, 1 October, 2011 MSOR Connections Peter Rowlett Sharing good practice through an inter-university teacher exchange programme. For example, a lecturer may teach some classes or work in a maths support centre at another university. ...


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