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  1. Cynhadledd Cyfeiriadau’r Dyfodol 2014- Future Directions Conference 2014

    Dyfodol- Cymraeg (DOC, 100KB) Future Directions conference programme- English (DOC, 100KB) Llawlyfr ... Graduates: Enabling Flexible Learning 2-3 April 2014, Aberystwyth University The second Future Directions ... overview of the sessions and activities that are taking place during the conference: Future Directions ...

  2. Cynhadledd Cyfeiriadau’r Dyfodol 2016- Future Directions conference 2016-

    a Chyrhaeddiad (Cymru). The Future Directions Conference originally planned for April 2016 has now been replaced ... by an event to support the Transition, Retentiona and Attainment (Wales) Strategic Enhancement ...

  3. Llinynnau gwaith Cyfeiriadau’r Dyfodol hyd at 2014- Future Directions workstrands up to 2014

    and workstrands were showcased at the Inaugural Future Directions Conference – Graduates For Our ... which Future Directions had a new theme and three new workstrands. The Learning for Employment ... Directions for Skills and Employability Future Directions for Skills and Employability was a joint event held ...

  4. Cynhadledd Cyfeiriadau’r Dyfodol 2012- Future Directions conference 2012

    higher education, For Our Future: The 21st Century Higher Education Strategy and Plan for Wales (PDF, ... a focused enhancement theme for Wales: Graduates For Our Future, with three work strands: Students as ... the Inaugural Future Directions Conference – Graduates For Our Future on 26 April 2012 at Glyndŵr ...

  5. 2015 Llinynnau gwaith Cyfeiriadau’r Dyfodol o 2014 ymlaen- Future Directions workstrands from 2014

    Directions steering group identified the second Future Directions enhancement theme for the Welsh higher ... concurrently with the previous theme, Graduates for our Future, until the Future Directions conference in ... fo'r llwybr a ddilynir.   Global Graduates: Enabling Flexible Learning In June 2013, the Future ...


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