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C Acton University of UlsterPhoto: Ciaran Acton at HEA Social Sciences Annual Conference

May just ended with a bang at our Social Sciences conference in Birmingham. I’m sure you have seen some of the photos on Twitter and in the Social Sciences newsletter (if you do not already subscribe to it check out our ‘My Academy’ service). To access all posts relating to our annual conference:

Conference dinner photoPhoto: Venue of  conference dinner at Fazeley Studios

From reflecting on the recent conference, we have also been reflecting on the 2012 teaching and learning summit at which delegates discussed what they viewed as the current key issues in teaching research methods, innovative approaches to teaching research methods and how the HEA might help address these issues by supporting the social science community. Following on from this summit we funded 11 projects that were designed to explore these key issues in more depth. Reports from these projects and videos reflecting on the value of teaching research methods can be accessed at this webpage:

Many of us are still busy marking, externalling and generally finishing off the current academic activities for this year. Do let me know what you have coming up over the next couple of months. This month’s update contains news of a number of events that you might find interesting, so safe travels to you if you decide to attend any.

Discipline news

Independent review of the role of metrics in research assessment

An independent review of the role of metrics in research assessment will consider how well metrics can be used across different academic disciplines to assess the excellence of research undertaken in the higher education sector. The outcomes will be of interest to those who undertake research and will inform the work of HEFCE and the other UK higher education funding bodies as they prepare future iterations of the Research Excellence Framework. HEFCE are calling for views and evidence relating to the use of metrics in research assessment and management. The deadline for responses is 12:00 on Monday 30 June.

HEA events

Embedding employability in social sciences curricula, 9 June 2014, Bristol

With the recent rise in tuition fees and a highly competitive job market for graduates of the social sciences, industry, parents and increasingly students themselves are keen to know the career-related benefits of degree programmes. This workshop will take you through the process of devising your own plan for embedding employability in your curriculum.

Research and Policy seminar/webinar series

For the final seminar in the 2013-14 HEA research and policy seminar/ webinar series, Dr Taylor and Dr McCaig will focus on their investigation into the HEA funded project Evaluating the impact of student number controls, choice and competition on the student profile and learning environment in the new higher education landscape.

The seminar takes place on Tuesday 10 June, in York, from 12:15 – 13:00 with a buffet lunch at 13:00 for anyone attending in person. More information about this event and the series is available on the HEA website. The previous seminar/webinar, ‘Examining difference, in/equity and diversity in teaching and learning’ by Dr Jacqueline Stevenson, is available to view on the HEA website.

Defining and delivering scholarly activity in college-based higher education, 24 June 2014, London

This is second running of this popular conference which will consider recent research undertaken by the HEA, Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and the Mixed Economy Group (MEG) on current practice in the application of scholarly activity in further education colleges. It will examine structures to support such activity, college responses and the role of staff and students. It will provide examples of practice in colleges and provide a stimulus for further thought.

New to using social networking in learning and teaching, 8 July 2014, Birmingham

This workshop is ideally suited for colleagues who, whilst they may have some experience of social networking in other contexts, would like to develop their use of social networking within their learning and teaching practice.

Supporting students conducting independent research projects in the Social Sciences, 10 July 2014, Birmingham

The aim of this workshop is to provide educators with strategies they can deploy to ensure that students complete independent projects successfully.


We are nearing the end of our academic year but you can find reports of previous workshops along with presentations and resources here:

 Other events

  • BSC South Eastern Branch with the Mannheim Centre LSE, 11 June 2014
    Coretta Phillips (LSE) and Deborah Drake (The Open University)

For further details

  • BSA Education Study Group Conference - Making a market in higher education: Changing landscape, continuing inequalities?, 12 June 2014, Sheffield Hallam University

All information is available at

  • The European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) 8th international conference on restorative justice, Beyond crime- Pathways to desistance, social justice and peacebuilding`, 11-14 June 2014, Belfast

All information is available at

  • Sociology of Mental Health Study Group Symposium: Social Movements and Sociology Knowledge on Mental Health: Where are we now?, 13 June 2014, University of Wolverhampton

All information is available at

  • BSA Food Study Group Conference 2014: Food and Society, 30 June 2014, British Library Conference Centre, London

All information is available at

  • BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group Annual Conference 2014: Religion & Crisis, 2-4 July 2014, University of Sussex

All information is available at

  • BSA Gender Study Group and BSA Youth Study Group Joint, One Day Seminar: Masculinities, Adaptation and Difference, 4 July 2014, BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London

  • Green Criminology Conference, 7-8 July 2014

The conference is open to all those with an interest in understanding and preventing environmental harm from a criminological perspective. For further details:

  • BSA Bourdieu Study Group Event: Are Elite Universities Meritocratic?, 8 July 2014, Cardiff University

For further details:

  • British Society of Criminology annual conference 2014, 9-12 July 2014, Liverpool

Conference website -

  • 23rd BSA Auto/Biography Summer Conference 2014: People and Places, 11-13 July 2014, Wolfson College, Oxford

For further details:

  • Human Reproduction Study Group Annual Conference, 24 July 2014, Lancaster University

For further details:

  • The Cultural Life of Death in Punishment, 1 September 2014, Senate House, London,

Convenors: Lizzie Seal, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University of Sussex and Evi Girling, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Keele University

The seminar is free to delegates and includes lunch and refreshments. Places are limited. Further information here:

  • Publishing from your Sociology PhD, 8 September 2014, BSA Meeting Room, Imperial Wharf, London, UK

For further details:

  • BSA Medical Sociology Annual Conference, 10-12 September 2014, Aston University

For further details:

For further details:



HenryYeomans1Photo: Henry Yeomans

Henry Yeomans, Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Leeds, alerted me to a special issue of Law, Crime and History (Volume 4, Issue 1) which explores the topics of teaching and learning within courses on crime and criminal justice history. As crime and criminal justice history has become an increasingly established area for academic study, it has become apparent that, as well as possessing significant pedagogical value, it frequently provides particular challenges for those teaching it. With reference to aspects of crime and criminal justice history, the papers presented in this special issue deal directly with course design, assessment and the planning of classroom activities to support student learning. They also raise and discuss important pedagogical concerns, including teaching resources, student engagement, 'deep' learning and the fostering of transferable (or generic) skills. Contributions to the journal are made by Henry Yeomans, Michael Conforti, Kim Stevenson, Rosalind Watkiss-Singleton, Lesley Skousen and Drew Gray. They collectively provide a pedagogically-informed and practically-oriented contribution to ongoing debates about how to best deliver successful courses on crime and criminal justice history.


BSA journal Work, Employment and Society is currently seeking a new Chair of the Editorial Board for 2015-2018. The journal is looking to attract an individual with the authority, impartiality and understanding of the journal ethos needed for this role and those who are interested are invited to come forward.  The Chair will work with the new WES Editorial Team based at the University of Leicester over a 4-year term and details on how to submit a nomination can be found on the BSA website:


Special Issue Call for Papers - Sociologies of Everyday Life. Deadline for submissions: 31 August 2014. The Editors welcome contributions on relevant topics in any field of social science engaging with sociological research, from early career and established academics, and from those outside academia.


And finally

Last month I asked which conferences people were attending. I received a number of interesting responses including one from Andrew Fergus Wilson (University of Derby) who will be attending the Cosmographies Conference which takes place on 24–25 July 2014, at Falmouth University. The more I’ve read about it the more interesting it sounds! Good luck to all attending this interdisciplinary event   -

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