Surveys Conference 2017

Understanding and enhancing the student experience

<strong>Surveys Conference 2017</strong><p>Understanding and enhancing the student experience<p>

Date: 11 May 2017
Venue: Manchester
Who: Those with an interest in surveys and metrics in higher education

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The insight from student surveys, metrics and other research enables us to get closer to the student experience and understand their needs. Doing so provides a valuable opportunity to evaluate the student experience, our assumptions, and our provision, as well as helping to engage staff. However, the real value of surveys, metrics and research findings depend upon the extent to which they are used to shine a light on issues affecting the sector, inform decisions, and drive enhancement at the institutional and sector-wide levels.

Each Higher Education Academy Surveys conference showcases how surveys are making a difference, and facilitates the sharing of innovative practice between professionals across the sector, both in measuring but also addressing the key issues affecting the student experience.

This year’s conference themes aim to explore the student, staff and institutional perspectives:

  • Student outcomes: How can we use insight to understand, develop and improve student outcomes, including learning gain and employability, both during and beyond their programme?
  • Student needs, well-being and progression: How can we use survey insight to understand and support student needs and well-being, in order to support student progression and retention, whilst ensuring a focus on widening participation and maximising inclusivity for students at UG and PG level, from the UK and overseas?
  • Staff experiences, engagement and recognition: Exploring innovative approaches to supporting staff engagement with survey results and TEF metrics, as well as using survey methods to measure and improve staff engagement and development
  • Measuring excellence and enhancing teaching: How can we use insight from surveys and metrics to inform our own practice and help us measure teaching quality?; how can excellence be measured?; Innovative approaches to measuring excellence in teaching and learning

Keynote speaker

Nick Hillman

We are pleased to announce that we will be joined in the morning by Nick Hillman. 

Nick will begin the day with a discussion on how surveys, insight and metrics can have a positive impact on the student experience within the higher education sector. The keynote will touch on the key themes of the day, exploring the value of surveys and insight for staff, students and institutions.

Nick Hillman has been the Director of the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), the UK’s only independent think tank devoted to higher education since January 2014. He has written widely on higher education and students for a range of think tanks and journals. His more recent writings include articles on the Coalition’s higher education reforms, on access to schools and selective universities and on the fifty-year history of student loans. Nick’s full biography can be found here.


Mantz Yorke

We will be joined in the afternoon by Mantz Yorke. Mantz will be presenting on Measuring student engagement in UK higher education: A personal view. Mantz states:

“Measures of student engagement are serving the enhancement of the student experience and have been suggested as proxies for measures of teaching quality. However, these two purposes are inherently in tension. This presentation will discuss the measurement of engagement in the light of the purposes to which measurement may be put.”

Mantz Yorke has worked in a number of roles within education and researched various aspects of the ‘student experience’. He has published widely on higher education, the bulk of his work encompassing the interlinked themes of student success, employability, assessment and retention.  Recently, his work has included contributing to a co-edited book Stepping up to the second year at university: Academic, psychological and social dimensions (SRHE/Routledge, 2014).

Currently Visiting Professor in the Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University, he has acted as Senior Research Advisor to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, contributing to What works? Student retention and success change programme. Of particular relevance to this conference is the design and administration of a survey of ‘belongingness’, engagement and self-confidence.

The Conference programme

After receiving an extremely large volume of high quality submissions we are pleased to announce our full programme for the 2017 Surveys Conference. View the abstracts here.

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