HEA Events App

Your Event and Conference Companion

When you attend a HEA conference or event you will want to make sure that you get all you can out of the experience. Especially as you are setting time aside from your busy schedule and spending from our increasingly stretched budget.

The HEA Events App can turn your attendance into "engaged participation".

  • Personalise your conference/event experience
  • Increase your engagement with the subject
  • Expand your network
  • Collect and share your thoughts and ideas



HEA Events App

Plan your day, before 'the day'

You HEA event and conference experience begins as soon as you book. Using the HEA Events App you can read session previews, identify session locations, review speaker bios and book into available sessions guaranteeing your place in that session.

Plus you can check where the event is being held and plan your journey.





Create your own Agenda

Found a session that you would like to attend? You can book into the session in advance of your attendance on the day. 

Each session you book into is added to your personalised session agenda. From here you can review and manage all of your session bookings.





Increase your engagement with the subject

Engage with HEA events and conferences through live session voting (have your say), and post comments on sessions that will be shared with the attendee community.






Expand your network

Have you ever ran out of business cards to give out, spent time and effort collecting them only to lose them on the train home, or simply can’t remember who the card relates too?

With the HEA Events App you can quickly share your contact details via a digital “handshake” using QR code technology, just scan and go.

Collect the contact details of the people you meet and store them safely in the HEA Events App, ready for you to access them when you need them. Plus with the HEA Events app you can review who will be there before the day.



Collect and share your thoughts and ideas

With live voting across conferences, live voting at sessions, adding private notes against each session, posting public comments on sessions, and sharing through social media, the HEA Events App provides you with opportunities to collect and share your thoughts and ideas.






PLUS 'Find and Book' your next HEA event or conference

Scroll through the upcoming HEA events in the app, click on each one you are interested in and read the summary to decide if it is right for you.

If you like what you see click 'Find Out More' and you can read more about your chosen event and then book online. You can then check where the event is being held and plan your journey.