HEA STEM Conference 2017: Achieving Excellence in Teaching and Learning

HEA STEM Conference 2017: Achieving Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Dates: 1-2 February 2017
Venue: Manchester
Who: STEM higher education professionals

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Join leading speakers and thought leaders for this vibrant conference. 

The STEM sector has coped with an expansion in student numbers and the growing diversity in student intake profiles whilst balancing the pressures of research and teaching demands, however the challenge of maximising performance in the TEF looms large. The HEA STEM conference for 2017 will therefore focus on achieving excellence – both in our teaching and in our student’s learning. This conference follows on from a successful and well-received event in 2016, and will help you to define and deliver teaching excellence in the TEF context.

The TEF sets out to ensure that all students receive an excellent higher education; focusing upon teaching quality, the learning environment and student outcomes. The HEA STEM conference will provide opportunities for you to understand:

  • how teaching excellence can be evidenced within the STEM disciplines; 
  • how you can identify exemplars of best practice that can be customised to your own circumstances and adopted into your own practice.

Our two invited keynotes will provoke you to consider how you will articulate the case for teaching excellence within your own academic team and institution.

Keynote speakers

STEM graduates are critical to delivering the innovation and competiveness required to drive the UK economy. However, some individual STEM subjects do not have a good employment record, many graduates are employed in non-graduate level roles, and concerns remain around whether graduates have the right combination of subject specific and core skills to enter their desired area of work. 

Professor Sir William Wakeham FREng

Our first keynote speaker, Professor Sir William Wakeham, was invited by the Government to explore the issues around the employment outcomes of STEM graduates, including the needs of employers and how STEM graduates skills and knowledge relate to the labour market. With student outcomes contributing to the TEF, the Wakeham Review will provide delegates with the context to situate their own DELHE statistics and consider the wider challenges of graduate employability.

View Professor Sir William Wakeham's presentation.

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Professor Peter Goodhew FREng

Our second keynote speaker, Professor Peter Goodhew, is Emeritus Professor at The University of Liverpool where until 2009 he was Professor of Materials Engineering.  Professor Goodhew was until 2010 the Director of the UK Centre for Materials Education, which supported the teaching of Materials in all UK Universities. He was a Board Member of the Higher Education Academy, one of the Directors of CDIO and is a member of the Education and Skills Committee of the Royal Academy of Engineering. He is a curriculum adviser to the New Model in Technology and Engineering – an engineering university for Hereford.

View Professor Peter Goodhew's presentation.

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The STEM Conference plenary session saw Dr Kay Hack of the Higher Education Academy ask 'Is a discipline level TEF a good idea? - and, if so, what would it look like in your discipline? View the presentation.

The conference programme

After receiving an extremely large volume of high quality submissions we are pleased to announce our full programme for the 2017 STEM Conference.

Sixty workshops, papers, presentations and 30 poster speakers, presenters and facilitators will join keynotes Professor Sir William Wakeham and Professor Peter Goodhew during the two day conference on 1 and 2 February 2017 at the Manchester Conference Centre.

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