Flexible pedagogies

Our work on flexible pedagogies investigates new thinking and practices to support the sector in increasing flexible provision.The project Flexible pedagogies:preparing for the future is designed to generate new thinking and practices for an emerging age.

Our flexible pedagogies work aims to:

  • provide examples of pedagogical practices likely to contribute to the future empowerment of learners
  • recommend how organisations can work towards the implementation of these practices
  • present the case studies which informed the project as a resource for the sector

We cover four flexible learning areas:

  • employer engagement  and work-based learning
  • technology-enhanced learning, including online learning
  • new thinking in flexible pedagogy
  • part-time learning and learners

A series of resources are available as a result of this work, including Professor Ron Barnett’s overarching report which draws on the research and gives further recommendations.

Flexible pedagogies resources: