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Aimhigher Lincolnshire & Rutland students' destinations analysis

This paper provides the results of a study which tracks Aimhigher participants’ post-16 destinations

Data stored on the Aimhigher in the East Midlands monitoring and evaluation database was matched with destinations data provided by Lincolnshire Local Authority and analysed to determine their subsequent learner outcomes. Where possible, Aimhigher students are compared to all students in Lincolnshire in the attempt to measure any relationship between participation in Aimhigher and post-16 educational progression.

Developing and evaluating The Defined Model for students progressing into and on higher education (HE) courses

The aim of this project was to look at the development of the The Defined Model at Worcester College of Technology.

It follows on from the initial development of personally accountable learning (PAL) packs for further education courses across the college. Three courses were identified, to develop, trial, and evaluate PAL packs. This was through feedback from both staff and students from each course. These findings were then discussed, with recommendations.

"A taste of uni" - An evaluation of the Aimhigher Lincolnshire & Rutland higher education residential programmes

A report on the findings from quantitative and qualitative research methods which have been used to explore the perceived value of the Aimhigher Lincolnshire & Rutland HE Residential programmes.

The report takes into account the views of Aimhigher practitioners, higher education institutions project coordinators, teaching professionals, student ambassadors, and most importantly, the participating learners themselves.

"I think what [we've] done is actually changed ourselves to be better people." An Indigo Brave Evaluation

This paper provides an evaluation of student perceptions of the Aimhigher Leicestershire Indigo Brave programme

Indigo Brave is designed to help learners build emotional intelligence, develop confidence and relationship skills, explore self belief and increase motivation to succeed in their lives and studies. This is done through the use of interactive games and exercises, sports psychology, neurological research, drama and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

"It made me realise ... it don't matter what your background is"

A report about a three year longitudinal qualitative research project focusing on the impact of the Aimhigher programme on participating students.

The main aim of the study was to gain an insight into the short, medium and long-term impacts of the Aimhigher Lincolnshire & Rutland programme. As the study was longitudinal, it was envisaged that the cumulative impact of the Higher Education Progression Framework, which adopts a ‘learner journey’ approach to outreach, rather than a series of ‘one-off’ interventions, was also considered.

"Slow and easy Maths - differentiation"

Evaluation report on a two day course as part of the Maths Intervention Programme at Uxbridge College.

Many students find this topic difficult but it is an important topic as it is widely used in Engineering. Sessions were aimed at BTEC, HNC and HND learners and were scheduled to allow work-based learners to attend.

This report summarises preparation and planning, delivery and learning strategies used before drawing conclusions about the success of the sessions.