Wow: The power of objects in object-based learning and teaching

Dr Kirsten Hardie

This report considers one particular strand of Kirsten's many pedagogic practices: it discusses key student-centred learning activities that she have developed using object-based learning (OBL) approaches. The discussion of three key pedagogic case studies illustrates the distinct and different ways that objects can be used to facilitate deep learning: how objects can surprise, intrigue and absorb learners; how learners’ wonder of or pleasure in an object – the wow of an item - can create rich, important and fun learning. She draws from and contributes to established work regarding OBL and offers pedagogic examples that can be adopted and adapted by others across and beyond discipline boundaries.

About the author

Dr Kirsten Hardie, Associate Professor at the Arts University at Bournemouth, was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2004. Her pedagogic research themes include; problem-based learning; object-based learning; teaching excellence and reward schemes and HE Art and Design pedagogy.